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G.R.O.S.S. is always fully democratic regardless of the game that is being played. Many games, however, allow only one of us to be a leader of a guild, alliance, or team. In such case we quickly elect someone to that position, but that position still holds no power over other members. The leader or leaders simply handle the mail exchange and use the in-game leader tools for the benefit of all.

Decision making process

Whenever making a bigger decision such as to declare a war, to form an alliance, or make a NAP everyone is included in the decision making process. Preferably such decisions should be done with at least 24-hour notice in the forums, but if that's not possible, the matter should be discussed with the people who happen to be present in our IRC channel.


Diplomatic relations are usually handled through one previously elected person to ensure that there's someone who's on track with everything that has been discussed. That person, however, can't do any major decisions alone and has to ask from the members through our normal decision process on what to do.

Gaming history

Planetarion 2001 - 2002
Star Sphere 2002 - 2003
Dawn of Myth 2003 - 2004
Space Miners 2006 - 2007
Planetarion 2009 - 2011
Battle Dawn 2011 - 2013
League of Legends 2013-
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